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Helpful links and resources about Aged Care governance, risk and compliance.

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ACE and the resources listed below are published by CompliSpace.

CompliSpace is an Australian company that specialises in helping organisations manage their legal and regulatory obligations. They serve clients in such industries as residential aged care, non-government schools, not-for-profits and financial services. CompliSpace are the publishers of Aged Care Essentials and Aged Care Law Monitor.


Guide on How to Meet the Aged Care Quality Standards

This in-depth, practical guide brings many of our most-read and most-valued articles and resources together in one place, in a clear, simple narrative that helps residential aged care facility managers make sense of the challenges presented by the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Table of Contents

1. Understanding the Aged Care Quality Standards, Quality Indicators and Compliance Requirements

  • It’s All About Consumer-Focused Care
  • Compliance Requirements Under the Aged Care Quality Standards
  • How the Aged Care Quality Standards Interrelate - How One Finding Can Result in Multiple "Not Mets"
  • How the Old Accreditation Standards Compare with the New Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Understanding the Aged Care Quality Indicators
  • Other Compliance Requirements and Resources

2. Self-Assessments

  • Tips for Writing Your Self-Assessment

3. Assessments and Site Visits

  • Unannounced Site Visits: Here’s What Assessors Say They’re Looking For
  • How Compliance will be Assessed
  • How to Manage Aged Care Assessment Contacts
  • What Happens if You Don’t Comply?


4. Governance, Risk-Management and Compliance (GRC): The Long-Term Solution

  • What is GRC and Why Does it Matter?
  • How to Create a Compliance Culture that Helps you Demonstrate Compliance
  • Open Disclosure Explained
  • Enterprise Risk Management in Aged Care

5. How to Keep up with Legislative Change – Aged Care Law Monitor Quarterly Report

  • What is Aged Care Law Monitor?
  • Request Your Copy

6. Infection Control/COVID-19 Resources

  • Infection Control Webinar
  • Infection Control Briefing Paper
  • Audit Tools for Facilities

7. Stay Informed with Aged Care Essentials (ACE)

  • ACE: Your Free Resource for Information and News on HOW to Meet Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • Who is Behind ACE and How to Subscribe

8. Get Help with Meeting the Standards and Requirements

  • Solutions for Continuously Meeting the Requirements of the Standards


Access the online guide here


Aged Care Impact Report

It has been one year since the new Aged Care Quality Standards came into effect. In that same year, Residential Aged Care providers have faced a Royal Commission and a pandemic.

What has been the impact? We surveyed managers of Residential Aged Care facilities to find out.

Request the report here


"An Essential Guide to Standard 8 and Governance, Risk and Compliance for Residential Aged Care Boards"

Request the webinar recording, slides and suggested resources from this webinar created for residential aged care Boards and Management Teams.  Click here to learn more 


Webinar for Aged Care Boards and Management Teams: Demonstration of How to Simplify Compliance with Standard 8.  Dec 15 2020

This webinar provides a practical discussion and demonstration. Click here to register for the Webinar


COVID-19 Regulatory Changes

CompliSpace has put together the following matrix of legislative and regulatory changes, best practice resources, and advice from regulators and government departments to ensure that your organisation has the most up-to-date information regarding your obligations regarding the prevention and management of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Access the COVID-19 Regulatory Changes here


Aged Care Law Monitor: Quarterly Report

A quarterly report that summarises key legal, regulatory and compliance changes for residential aged care. The report is designed to help aged care leaders and boards keep up with key changes.

Get your copy here


"Infection Control" Webinar Recording and Audit Tools

Access the webinar recording for: "Understanding the Gaps in Infection Control Plans that can put Residential Aged Care Facilities at Risk" as well as two Audit tools for Infection Control and Outbreak Management.

Access the webinar here


Briefing Paper: ‘Responding to COVID-19 / Coronavirus: Aged Care Guidelines’ briefing paper

This briefing paper outlines four key elements to include in your Home’s outbreak management plan:

      1. Prevent: Infection prevention, detection and control planning
      2. Prepare: Considerations include leadership, workforce management, training and competency, communication strategy and product supply management
      3. Respond: Developing your outbreak management plan
      4. Recovery: Evaluation once the outbreak has been contained

Click here to access the briefing paper


Coronavirus / COVID-19 Updated Simple List of Resources for Aged Care Providers:

Access an updated, curated list of resources to support Aged Care Providers during this time.

Click here to access the COVID-19 Resources


Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety 

This website provides information about the work of the Royal Commission.

Briefing papers from the Aged Care Royal Commission


Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Website 


Aged Care Standards Infographic

Click here to download an infographic that provides information about the compliance pressure points Aged Care facilities are facing.


Other Helpful Links (Non-CompliSpace Content)

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care resources - National Model Clinical Governance Framework.

Resources to support the person living with dementia.

Medicine EBP for professionals and community

Resource -  Australian guidelines for the prevention and control of infection in healthcare

Culture Specific Information Practice Guide