Aged Care Workforce Census – A Summary for Residential Aged Care Providers

How many people work in residential aged care? Who are these workers and what are their roles? See the latest statistics in this summary of the Department of Health’s 2020 Aged Care Workforce Census Report.

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Aged Care Essentials

Aged Care Providers’ Readiness for Coronavirus / COVID-19: Final Survey Results

On 19 March 2020 we issued a survey to our subscribers asking about their readiness to res...

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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Simple List of Resources for Aged Care Providers

Information overload? Finding it hard to keep track of all the coronavirus / COVID-19 guid...

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How to Meet the COVID-19 Self-Assessment: Resources for Aged Care Providers

Results from our recent survey indicate that many of our readers are keen for more informa...

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Coronavirus Visitor Control in Aged Care: Check Your Readiness

In response to the coronavirus / COVID-19 epidemic, all aged care homes must put additiona...

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Responding to Coronavirus: Four Useful Resources for Aged Care Providers

In the process of putting together the COVID-19 Outbreak Plan for CompliCare, aged care sp...

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Briefing Paper: Responding to COVID-19 / Coronavirus for Aged Care

The COVID-19 National Emergency Response Plan (2020) has been implemented by the Australia...

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Responding to Coronavirus: What are Aged Care Providers Required to Do?

Government warnings have been issued, emergency response plans have been drafted, resource...

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