New Restrictive Practices Requirements Starting 1 July 2021: What Aged Care Providers Need to Know

The Government is planning to introduce new restrictive practices requirements for residential aged care homes from 1 July 2021. Here’s what you need to know.

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COVID-19 Regulatory Changes: A Tool to Help Aged Care Providers Stay Up to Date

COVID-19 advice and obligations are changing almost weekly at the moment, so it can be difficult for your residential care home to keep policies and procedures up to date.

This is why CompliSpace has put together the COVID-19 Regulatory Changes page, a free, easy-to-use, online resource that sets out the most up-to-date information about your obligations regarding the prevention and management of COVID-19 outbreaks.

In today’s article we provide a quick introduction to what the COVID-19 Regulatory Changes page covers and how you can use it.

Access the COVID-19 Regulatory Changes Page


What does the COVID-19 Regulatory Changes Page cover?

The COVID-19 Regulatory Changes page covers the latest:

  • legislative and regulatory changes
  • best practice resources
  • advice from regulators and government departments.

To make it easy for you to find what you need, the page is organised into seven sections:

  • Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Clinical Care
  • Consumer Care and Rights
  • Entry and Visitation Restrictions
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Infection Prevention and Control

The page also provides links to useful articles and templates.

Please note that this page relates to COVID-19 legislative and regulatory updates only. It does not replace the quarterly Aged Care Law Monitor publication that encompasses legislative and regulatory updates in other subject areas. See below for more information on Aged Care Law Monitor.


How the page works: the columns and symbols explained

 Here is an extract from the Infection Prevention and Control section of the page:

COVID - 19  LP Infection Prevention and Control Example

The page is designed to make it easy for you to see what’s important at a glance. That’s why we use a traffic light system:

Red Circle

Requires action as soon as possible

  • The date of effect has already commenced or is about to commence; and
  • Non-compliance could be a breach of legal obligations; or
  • Non-compliance could be harmful to persons within your organisation
Yellow Circle

Requires action, but not immediately

  • The date of effect is not imminent
  • The recommendation is only a guideline/ not mandatory

Green Circle

No action is required due to the nature of the advice/guideline. Your organisation should still be aware of this requirement.


You can also scan the page for the new symbol to see what changes have been made in the last two weeks. And if you’re a CompliSpace client you can search for the CompliCare Icon-1 symbol to see if the associated CompliCare* content has been updated to reflect the change/addition.

Now let’s look at what the rest of the columns mean:


Describes the change or update.

This could be a change in law or regulations or a new guideline or directive to be followed.

States/ Territories Affected

Tells you whether the change/addition is National (applying to all states and territories in Australia) or only applies to one state or territory.

Key Dates

Provides useful information regarding dates, such as:

  • when the change/addition happened
  • when it will come into effect
  • deadlines for grant opportunities

Affected CompliSpace Content

Tells CompliSpace clients which sections of their content will be affected by the change.

Overview of Requirement

Summarises the change/addition and what it means to you.


Links to helpful resources.


How to use the page

You can make best use of the page by checking in regularly to see what’s new or what’s been changed that you need to understand and possibly act on.

Or ensure you don't miss any new updates by completing the form to receive alerts by email.

COVID-19 Updates for Aged Care opt inAccess the COVID-19 Regulatory Changes Page


NOTE: COVID-19 regulatory change only

Please note that this page relates to COVID-19 legislative and regulatory updates only. It does not replace the quarterly Aged Care Law Monitor publication that encompasses legislative and regulatory updates in other subject areas.

Click here to request the latest edition of Aged Care Law Monitor.


*About CompliCare

CompliCare is a solution that helps residential aged care providers continuously meet the requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards and to create a compliance culture that staff will embrace.


Click here to learn more. 


About CompliSpace

CompliSpace specialises in governance, risk, compliance and policy management (GRC&P) solutions for organisations in highly-regulated industries including residential aged care. It helps residential aged care providers meet their obligations so they can focus on their core purpose – caring for consumers and supporting their staff.


Mark Bryan
Mark is a Legal Research Consultant at CompliSpace and the editor for ACE. Mark has worked as a Legal Policy Officer for the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department and the NSW Department of Justice. He also spent three years as lead editor for the private sessions narratives team at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts/Law from the Australian National University with First Class Honours in Law, a Graduate Diploma in Writing from UTS and a Graduate Certificate in Film Directing from the Australian Film Television and Radio School.