Residential Aged Care Assessments: What to Expect in 2021

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) recently released its Sector Performance Report for the period July to September 2020.

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Aged Care Law Monitor: A Tool to Help you Stay Up to Date with Legal Changes

In our recent survey of Infection Control and Outbreak Management Preparedness, 64% of respondents said they found it difficult to keep policies and procedures up to date.

When asked “What would assist you in ensuring the currency of your infection prevention and control program?” many respondents said they wanted an easy way to keep track of changes in the law. As one respondent put it, the most helpful thing would be “Easy access to updated legislation and policies that can be adapted to suit the facility”.

Aged Care Law Monitor, published by CompliSpace, is a free tool designed to provide exactly this kind of assistance to aged care providers.

It is a quarterly report for boards and executives that summarises key legal, regulatory and compliance changes that affect the residential aged care industry. It helps aged care providers ensure that their policies and procedures comply with current legislative and regulatory requirements and reflect best practice, as required by Aged Care Quality Standards 3(3)(a) and 8.

Click here to download your copy of the latest Aged Care Law Monitor. 

Keep reading for a summary of how Aged Care Law Monitor works and what it offers.


What Legal Changes are Covered by Aged Care Law Monitor?

Aged Care Law Monitor covers recent and upcoming legal and regulatory changes that affect the aged care industry in all Australian jurisdictions. This means it covers everything from Tasmanian aged care entry restrictions to national paid parental leave entitlements for workers. It also has a special section for COVID-19 laws and regulations.


What Period of Time is Covered by Aged Care Law Monitor?

Aged Care Law Monitor is released quarterly, so it tells you about all the relevant legal changes that happened within that three-month period.

The latest version of Aged Care Law Monitor covers the period 20 April 2020 to 20 July 2020.


Does Aged Care Law Monitor Tell Me Which Legal Changes are the Most Important?

Yes. Aged Care Law Monitor uses a colour-coded “traffic light” system so that you can see at a glance whether each legal change requires you to:

    Check and Update your policies and procedures

    Watch and Prepare for further developments that haven’t happened yet; or

    Make Note of the change without having to take any specific action.


Other Ways to Stay Up to Date

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, industry guidelines and legislative changes are being published on a weekly basis in some jurisdictions. So, while you’re waiting for the next issue of Aged Care Law Monitor, here are some resources to help you find out what’s happening with the law right now:

Mark Bryan
Mark is a Legal Research Consultant at CompliSpace and the editor for ACE. Mark has worked as a Legal Policy Officer for the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department and the NSW Department of Justice. He also spent three years as lead editor for the private sessions narratives team at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts/Law from the Australian National University with First Class Honours in Law, a Graduate Diploma in Writing from UTS and a Graduate Certificate in Film Directing from the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

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